About Kiten in brief

Китен от птичи поглед

Black sea is the east boundary of Bulgaria, with a 360km-long coastline. Kiten is situated in its south part, spreading as the blow of the sea breeze between two beautiful beaches.

The village was established in 1931. Here, the Black sea coast is extremely picturesque and sunny. The long golden beaches are surrounded by clear blue waters, without dangerous streams and fish species. The sand bottom has a slight dip, very favourable for swimming and water sports. The average July temperatures are 25°С. The pleasant breeze eases the heat during the summer. The winter is mild and is recommended for elderly people and people under treatment.

Плаж Атлиман в Китен

The mild sea climate, the virgin nature and the hospitable local people charm every newcomer.

The north beach is named Atliman and is a beautiful quite bay. The south beach borders with Kitenska river, rich of grey mullet, carp and barbel.

There is a sea centre for water sports and yachting. The combination of sea and forest turn the resort into an attractive place for a holiday. Over 70,000 tourists spend every year their vacation in the little Kiten hotels, private rooms and holiday homes.